Litigation Support

Patent litigation is expensive, lengthy, and does not guarantee a return on your invested capital. With this kind of time and financial investment at stake, companies must strive to collect data, evidence, and experts that sway the likelihood of success in their favor.

TAEUS has been supporting IP litigation for over twenty years. We have represented major companies in groundbreaking litigation and helped even the smallest company expertly pursue or defend against litigation. We maintain an active network of qualified and experienced expert witnesses to represent your case. Our witnesses undergo rigorous qualification and verification before we approve them to represent our clients, and we work closely with them and your law firm to prepare expert reports and evidence that can withstand the closest scrutiny.

Our intricate knowledge of IP litigation proceedings is enhanced by our history of innovative reverse engineering expertise. Our close relationship with law firms helps you not only successfully assert or defend your patents, but can be vital in helping identify potential threats or opportunities.

Prior Art Research

TAEUS performs various depths of prior art research to find the results you needAny patent that you employ in a litigation effort will invariably undergo an invalidation attempt in the form of a prior art search. The reason this practice is so ubiquitous is because it is more often successful than not. While the USPTO searches for prior art before issuing a patent, a single patent examiner on a tight schedule conducts the search.

Companies turn to us for prior art searches when all other avenues have failed to yield results. Standard methods of conducting prior art research involve extensive Internet research and may include trade magazines and libraries. However, the best and strongest prior art is often hidden in less obvious places. Our prior art research methods include standard on-line search methods, but also dive deeper into technical publications, datasheets, boneyards, as well as interviews with technologists in the field at the time of the invention.

Expert Witnesses & Reports

TAEUS expert witnesses have been tested and proven on the stand and in deposition

The increased frequency of patent litigation as a result of market pressures and non-practicing entities has resulted in an ever-growing number of available experts advertising their services online. Which of them is the right expert? Which of them perfectly suits the needs of your case? Which of them will work for and with you? Which of them merely claim to be experts?

We do the legwork for you. Our database of testifying experts is second-to-none, which is especially important if you have a strict deadline. We have hundreds of experts who are carefully screened, many of whom work with us on our reverse engineering projects to demonstrate patent infringement.

Our expert reports are presented in a clear and custom format, designed to make the technical evidence you have collected obvious and understandable to any judge or jury. We have prepared every type of litigation-ready document imaginable, from detailed claim charts to simple graphical evidence-of-use, and we are prepared to consult with you to provide the smoking gun for any technical assertion.