TAEUS is the only full-service intellectual property firm delivering  comprehensive IP solutions. Companies turn to us to help them gain a competitive advantage, reorient their business, or maximize corporate value through the strategic use of their IP.

Moreover, our team’s expert patent reviews provide companies with a thorough understanding of the intrinsic merits and limitations of every patent in a portfolio. Additionally, we assist companies with identifying and executing licensing, litigation and sales of their IP assets to increase revenue or generate a new income stream.

Companies looking to identify and respond to litigation and business threats turn to TAEUS for our comprehensive litigation support services because we are known for our accomplishments in proving and disproving IP infringement cases.

Only TAEUS has the specialists, expertise and tools to assist companies successfully maximize their IP to reflect business strategies and realize organizational vision.

TAEUSworks Patent Evaluations

TAEUS pioneered the process of evaluating patents using thought-leaders and key technologists in the relevant fields of the patent’s technology. Using our extensive network of subject matter and technical experts, we analyze and rate each patent using an intricate examination of a patent according to market impact, licensability, and overall patent quality.

Brand Protection & IP Security

TAEUS is a global leader in the security & investigation industry. With over 650 Information Security and Cyber-Investigation professionals as well as contracts with over 3,000 SME’s, we are one of the trustworthy and secured names in the cyber investigation arena. TAEUS serves a variety of clients varying from corporations, governments, and individuals from around the world.

Technical Investigations

We use a wide range of tested methods for discovering patented technology in consumer products. We take the time to fully grasp the patent or standard in question, which lets us save time and money on the investigation by finding an efficient way to achieve the desired result. We are also able to suggest ways to use the information for other campaigns.

Expert Witnesses & Reports

Our database of testifying experts is second-to-none, which is especially important if you have a strict deadline. We have hundreds of experts who are carefully screened, many of whom work with us on our reverse engineering projects to demonstrate patent infringement. For over 15 years, we’ve been providing unsurpassed testifying experts to support cases under the strictest of deadlines. We pre-qualify, educate, and prepare each expert witness.

Prior Art Research

Our prior art research methods include standard on-line search methods, but also dive deeper into technical publications, datasheets, and interviews with technologists in the field at the time of the invention. A TAEUS prior art search can reinforce the strength of your assertion and prevent unwanted surprises down the road.

Patent Brokering

We identify monetization opportunities where patents can be licensed or sold, as well as instances where strategically low-value patents no longer need to be maintained. We also spot voids where it may be beneficial to augment your portfolio by licensing or acquiring external assets. We provide companies with a thorough understanding of the intrinsic merits and limitations of every patent in a portfolio and the overall areas of risk and opportunity.