• Patent Brokering

    We recognize IP as a business asset and, as such, take a holistic approach toward helping companies buy and sell their IP assets. For companies seeking to purchase IP, we leverage our decades of experience with some of the top IP firms to negotiate the best deal possible for you. We can approach a seller anonymously on your behalf, ensuring that your strategic purchasing decisions remain your confidential information.

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    Patent Brokering
  • TAEUSworks Patent Evaluations

    TAEUS pioneered the process of evaluating patents using thought-leaders and key technologists in the relevant fields of the patent’s technology. Using our extensive network of subject matter and technical experts, we analyze and rate each patent using an intricate examination of a patent according to market impact, licensability, and overall patent quality.

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    TAEUSworks Patent Evaluations
  • IP Litigation Support

    TAEUS can help you achieve a greater success rate from your corporate strategy, whether it means increased licensing revenue, or increased success in litigation efforts. Through a comprehensive solution set comprised of expert witnesses and reports, prior art searches, target identification, and licensing support, we help companies achieve maximum value for their research and execution investments.

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    IP Litigation Support
  • Brand Protection and IP Security

    TAEUS is a global leader in brand security and investigation. TAEUS serves a variety of clients varying from corporations, governments, and individuals from around the world. With over 650 Information Security and Cyber-Investigation professionals as well as contracts with over 3,000 SME’s, we are one of the most trustworthy and secured names in the cyber investigation arena.

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    Brand Protection and IP Security
  • Technical Investigations & Reverse Engineering

    We use a wide range of tested methods for discovering patented technology in consumer products. We take the time to fully grasp the patent or standard in question, which lets us save time and money on the investigation by finding an efficient way to achieve the desired result. From simple briefings to full color-coded claim charts, a TAEUS report is one that you can present with confidence.

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    Technical Investigations & Reverse Engineering

Intellectual Property Solutions and Innovations for the Present, and for the Future


PatentBooks is a market-driven solution that radically simplifies patent licensing. TAEUS is the preferred provider of patent evaluations for PatentBooks. Click above to learn more.

TAEUS Webinars

TAEUS hosts a series of webinars to discuss our methods, observations, and services with the world. Click above to view recordings of these webinars.

Protecting Innovation

Innovation is the key to an organization’s strength and growth. TAEUS provides solutions to help you freely invent and expand, and has decades of experience helping companies protect their assets.

Who is TAEUS?

TAEUS has two decades of experience helping companies defend, assert, manage, and monetize intellectual property. We are an innovative team of IP professionals who use our unique technical expertise to help companies maintain successful IP strategies, and use our vision of an efficient licensing world to craft new solutions.


Software Reverse Engineering, Part 3 – The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

President Clinton signed the DMCA into law on October 28, 1998.  This legislation implements two 1996 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) treaties:  the WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty.  The DMCA also addresses several other significant copyright-related issues.  With respect to the reverse engineering of software to discover infringement (which necessarily [...]

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